Podgora Bar Stool

Podgora Bar Stool


Podgora Bar Stool Seat Width 480mm x 500mm deep x 400mm high backrest x 520mm wide backrest

The Podgora Bar Stool is our most comfortable bar stool stylishly developed into THE MOST COMFORTABLE BAR STOOL POSSIBLE. The Specially designed curved backrest bracket gives the support to your posture detailed by 5 countersunk flush finish fixings.
The Podgora bar stool is like the Mercedes-Benz of style and comfort completely in a class of its own. Call it the LUXURY BAR STOOL to best describe its comfort level
Specially modified and developed for New Zealand customers completely unlike anything similar looking of this super comfort level


  • This style can be used as an additional dining chair only 100mm taller than a standard dining chair at its lowest position.
  • Unlike cheaper bar stools in the market, we use quality materials and fixings.
  • Our bar stools come with a long lasting gas and oil hydraulic system.

All of our bar stools come with two types of bases: our 450mm diameter round base or our 500mm All-Star Ezy-Clean base. They’re also available to be completed with:

  • fixed height, to keep in a constant height position either for heavy people (100 kg + rated) or commercial purposes
  • adjustable swivel stem, hydraulic shock and lever system

In addition to our stock colours, we have these other customised options too.

SMOOCH Custom Bar Stools Colours

We provide a 3 year warranty on fixed height, and a 2 year warranty on height-adjustable bar stools.


The Podgora Bar Stool By Smooch is nothing less that total luxury and 6-star comfort.

Podgora Bar Stool design and style represents many years of modifications to improve the design.

nothing short of really really comfortable for all people. A bigger bar stool and can be put on wheels as well.

With its best possible operational and functional capabilities.  You will notice straight away that this style of Smooch Bar Stool is really our most comfortable. It’s the little things we do such as decline the seat, increase the foam thickness and choose the foam best density. Along with making the backrest curved to its best possible shape are all great advancements to prove its THE BEST BAR STOOL