Ritz Bar Stool


Ritz Bar Stool is one of our latest tough built 4 leg bar stools.

  • Weight is 5kg  ( strong and flexible)
  • Seat Measures  470mm wide  x 409mm deep
  • Seat Height 730mm – 630mm floor to height optional heights
  • Solid Wooden beech legs and injection mould super comfortable seat
  • Sleek modern feeling with a very comfortable decline seat design.
  • floor protection and guards under legs which are replaceable
  • Available in a range of heights. We usually stock the kitchen bench height


Ritz Bar Stool

Tokyo Wooden Bar Stool


The Ritz Bar Stool is a very comfortable & stable product using very strong bolts extra making it so solid. Very sleek from the Smooch Collection range.

Tokyo Wooden Bar Stool boasts the following attributes. Built with a very solid  Wooden leg and tough plastic seat design. Boasts a  nice sleek modern feeling with a very comfortable decline seat position.  Optional extra floor protection under the legs and is available in a range of fixed heights. We usually stock the kitchen bench height.  Let this bar stool by smooch lighten up your room and give it that nice clean and modern feeling.

If you like the Tokyo wooden bar stool then you could also try the Adriana Wooden bar Stool which has the really well thought through deep foam seat. It declines nicely to fit the wooden legs. We love both of the bar stools but click the link and check it out for extra seating comfort and a massive range of colours to choose from.


When it comes to the Wooden Bar Stool our models have that really comfortable reclining seat which we think puts the user in a nice seat pocket to assist in a nice posture and better overall seating comfort.


Just give it a go and ask about the height range that we can offer you to get the right seat position for your counter top.